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The best bath and body shower products for all your needs

Have you ever used a shower product so good that the experience of using it and its smell stays with you forever? No? Just us? Well then, you're in the right place. At Trell Shop, we have a vast range of products for your everyday needs. Want to have a relaxing bath? Find a soap/shower gel and/or bath products that help you do just that. Have extremely sensitive skin and don't know what shaving cream to use? Don't worry; Trell Shop has you covered. Have you struggled to find a shampoo that tames your hair? Read real customer reviews on Trell Shop and then decide what will work for you.


Taking a shower/a bath is probably one of the most important things we do when maintaining personal hygiene. It refreshes you, energizes you for the day ahead, and prepares you for what's about to come. When you take a bath, you spend a good amount of time with just yourself and your body, and we feel like that's important. Because you get to spend more time exploring yourself, you learn more about yourself - unless you've woken up late and are in a hurry to get someplace!


A lot of people love showering/ taking a bath twice a day. You know, like before going to work, and then when they come back home. On Trell Shop, find the best bath and shower products and the best body shower products for both these occasions and both these needs. For example, when you have to shower in a hurry, you could probably use the Khadi Natural Herbal Activated Charcoal Soap so that it can freshen you up and charge you for the rest of the day. Once you're back home, you could use the Nivea Water Lily Oil Shower Gel to relax and forget about the stress that comes with a long day at work.


As summer is starting to leave us and the monsoons are almost here, it makes sense to take care of yourself more. When it's so humid, and you sweat constantly, and when there are so many germs around that they can very easily latch onto you, we must take care of ourselves and avoid feeling dirty as much as we can.


Why should we use soap while taking a bath?


Soap is essentially a surfactant; it is a substance that tends to reduce the surface tension of the liquid in which it is dissolved. Therefore it's essentially something that makes water wetter. It has the power to increase the cleaning properties of water, and its solvency, so it cleans you up better.


It's also essential to use products that do not harm your skin or your body, so products from places like Khadi Essentials would be a good place to start. These products are organically made and have a wide range of variety! The more, the better, right?


Why should we use shower gels while showering? How does this shower and bath product help me?


  • Shower gels are essentially a combination of essential oils, fragrances, and vitamins.
  • Shower gels fulfill a wider range of self-hygiene and cosmetic functions when compared to soaps. For example, you'll notice a wide range of products regarding shower gels - scrubs, exfoliators, cleansing liquid, etc. All of them fulfill a different purpose.
  • Because shower gels are inside a container (obviously, it's a liquid), but it just makes it harder for shower gels to get contaminated. Since no dirty hands are coming in direct contact with it, it's packaged in a way that it cannot be contaminated.
  • While we talked about the wide range of variety when it comes to shower gels, some companies have started using aromatherapy to design this. People usually take long baths to relax, and these shower gels infused with aromatic oils help you do just that.
  • Shower gels also work in a way where you're ensured that there'll be next to zero wastage. Since you can measure the quantity to take out, you're bound to use it in limits.


Average price points for best body shower products on Trell Shop


1. Volamena has a beautiful range of shower gels that you can choose from - right from its Strawberry and Apple foaming body wash (300 ml), which is priced at Rs. 390, but with a 30% flat discount, is available for Rs. 273 only. They also have a Charcoal Lime Clay Body Wash, a Coffee and Lime Foaming Body Wash, and a Lavender and Eucalyptus Foaming Body Wash.

2. Nivea also offers various products, such as Nivea Cream Soft Shower Gel, Nivea Water Lily Oil Shower Gel, and Nivea Cool Kick Shower Gel, exclusively for men! All of them are 250 ml and are comfortably priced at Rs. 199 only.

3. Urban Veda is a bestseller on our website, and with good reason! Their top three products are Urban Veda Reviving Rose Body Wash, 200 mlUrban Veda Soothing Sandalwood Body Wash, 200 ml, and Urban Veda Radiance Turmeric Body Wash, 200 ml. They are originally priced at Rs. 1399, but after a flat 20% off discount, are available at Rs. 1119 only.

4. Khadi Essentials has, on offer, this absolutely beautiful set of body butter and body wash - Khadi Essentials Set of Amrut Tarangini Koum Kumkumadi Body Butter & Phuhar Body Wash; Khadi Essentials Set of Swamini Argan Oil and Kokum Body Butter & Phuhar Body WashKhadi Essentials Set of Mohak Theobromine Chocolate Body Butter & Phuhar Body Wash. They are priced at Rs. 1940 only.

5. Bombay Shaving Company Charcoal Face Scrub, 100 gms, available for Rs. 170 only.

6. Khadi Veda Lavender Basil Bath Salt, 200 gms, available for Rs. 249 only.

7. Luxuriate Lavender Bathing Salt Enriched With Essential Oil and Lavender Buds, For Bath, Foot, Aching Muscles & Refreshing Body Preservatives Free, 150 gms, originally priced at Rs. 699, available for Rs. 549 only, after a flat 15% off discount.

8. Park Daniel Citric Acid Powder-Bath Salt for Hand & Foot Combo Pack Of 2 Bottle of 100 gms, total 200 gms, originally priced at Rs. 640, available for Rs. 480 only, after a flat 25% flat discount.

9. Bombay Shaving Company Charcoal Face Wash, 100 gms, originally priced at Rs. 249, but after a flat 12% discount, available at Rs. 219 only.

10. Volamena Hand And Foot Repair Cream, 100 ml originally priced at Rs. 249, but after a flat 20% off, available at Rs. 199 only.

11. Bombay Shaving Company Activated Charcoal Soap (Pack Of 3), 450gm, originally priced at Rs. 345, after a flat 28% off, available at Rs. 248 only.

12. Ustraa Cologne Soap - Ammunition -800g (pack of 3), originally priced at Rs. 297 only, after a flat 31% off, available at Rs. 205 only.

13. Biotique Bio Apricot Body Wash, 190ml, originally priced at Rs. 180, after a discount of flat 20% off, available at Rs. 144 only.


Types of bath and shower products available on Trell Shop and why you need them


As you can see, there's a wide range of products for you to choose from! Let me elaborate a little bit more about them.


  • Body Butter: Body butter is essentially a skin moisturizer that typically contains a good quantity of shea butter, vegetable oil, and/or coconut oil. These are known to be most effective at rejuvenating and nourishing dry skin.


  • Exfoliators: Exfoliators and/or exfoliation essentially removes dead skin cells from the outer layers of the skin. It's highly beneficial for removing dull or dry skin, helps increase blood circulation, brightens and improves your skin's appearance.


  • Bath salts: Bath salts have been used to treat mental and physical health ailments for quite some time now. They're easy and inexpensive and are commonly made from Epsom salt or sea salt, and very easily and comfortably dissolve in warm bath water. Very widely used for stress relief and as a way to relieve aches and pains.


  • Hand creams: Hand creams are good for the moisture levels in your skin and also helpful in preventing premature aging. They also help in protecting your skin from sun exposure.


  • Clay masks: Clay masks help you get rid of dead skin cells and impurities, thus indirectly helping you get glowing skin. People who have dry skin should be extra careful while using them, as clay can strip your skin of moisture along with natural oils.


  • Body lotions: Body lotions are often used as moisturizers to prevent dry, rough, or scaly skin and treat minor skin irritations.


  • Body scrubs: Body scrubs remove dead skin cells from the top layer of skin. They clean off dust and dirt from skin pores. This helps make your body fresh, brightened, and smoother. Coffee scrubs and aloe vera scrubs usually work best.


  • Facial Kits: These at-home facial kits help you do your own facial at home. A facial not only enables you to get that desired glow that all of us love but also helps with exfoliating, moisturizing, blemishing, cleansing, and a lot more. You can select the desired facial kit depending on your skin type.


FAQs about body shower and bath products


1. What's the difference between a soap and shower gel, if any?

The most obvious difference is in the way they're packaged and sold. While both of them have the same goal - to refresh you and get rid of the germs on your skin - soap is in a solid form, usually called a bar of soap, and a shower gel is a thick liquid, traditionally packaged in a bottle-like container.

As mentioned before, a shower gel is safer to use because it doesn't get contaminated too easily.


2. How do I know what body shower product is best for me?

Our skin is sensitive, so a lot of experimenting does not make sense. It's essential to do a background check on what you're using and what ingredients it's made of. It's also imperative to understand what ingredients make the most sense for your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, it makes sense to use slightly softer ingredients that moisturize your skin. If your skin is not sensitive, you can opt to go for marginally harsher ingredients and products.


3. How much quantity of the body shower product should I use while bathing?

Typically on shower gels, it is mentioned how much you should use. In case it's not, a small squirt, about 30 ml, works best. Since it creates foam and lathers, a small quantity is ideal.


4. Why do soaps develop cracks after use?

Cracks can occur in soaps when they're made wet and used and then left dry for a long period of time. Rest assured, these cracks don't affect the integrity of the product, and they still work the same and as effectively.


5. How do I figure out what my skin type is?

You can figure this out by using blotting or tissue paper. Preferably a blotting paper. Gently pat it on different parts of your face. Hold up the sheet to light, and try to figure out how much oil you can see on the paper. If there's barely any, like little to no oil, you have dry skin. If the blotting paper reveals oil from the forehead and nose areas, you probably have oily skin.


6. What is the best time to use face wash?

ALWAYS use face wash after a workout or high intensive training to prevent breakouts and when you have applied makeup.


7. Why should I purchase bath and shower products from Trell Shop?

Trell Shop is a place where you're not only assured of the quality of the product that you're purchasing but about its authenticity as well. Trell Shop has genuine reviews written by real customers, which help you gauge the quality of the bath and shower product you're purchasing.


With that, Trell Shop also has various discounts on body shower products, bath and shower products, and baby bath products. Therefore, Trell Shop ensures that you get the best body shower products at the best price!

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