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Hands and Feet Scrubs and More at Trell Shop

Maintaining our hands and feet is a key component of any good grooming routine for both men and women. Doing so requires certain scrubs, foot-care products, masks, sanitizers, and washes, all of which are available at Trell Shop. The pandemic requires us to remain at our hygienic best at all times, and products such as hand sanitizers are required to keep our hands germ-free and help keep us and those around us safe. Apart from being satisfying, hand and foot products keep our skin soft and prevent the development of calluses and help reduce foot pain. These products help us cleanse our skin of all impurities, boost blood circulation in the limbs and help keep our skin smooth and soft.

At Trell Shop, you can find a wide range of products to treat your hands and feet. You can find what you need by adjusting our filters according to your gender, brand preferences as well as your budget. 

Types of Hand and Foot Care Products

There is a wide range of products that can help your hands and feet, which are available at Trell Shop. Here, you can find exactly what you’re looking for by sorting through our filters. The categories we offer are as follows: 

  1. Foot Care: A Foot Scrub is the best product to care for your foot after a long stressful day. At Trell Shop, mCaffeine’s Coffee Foot Scrub offers an enriching experience as a dermatologically tested product. It provides the perfect foot spa as the coffee helps exfoliate the skin naturally and softens it while providing a calming and de-stressing effect. 
  2. Foot Creams: Foot Creams soften your feet and keep them from getting dry and dehydrated. Trell Shop offers BodyCafe’s Pedibutter, imbued with beneficial ingredients such as aloe vera, hemp seed oil, shea, cocoa butter, unrefined mango, and pressed coconut oil. It provides the perfect nourishment for any feet, keeping them hydrated and relaxed.
  3. Hand and Foot Masks: These products act as a detox for your body, clearing out any and all impurities, including dead skin cells, improving circulation, and eliminating any foul odor. Skin Fx offers Instant Nourishing Hand Masks and Feet Masks. The gloves contain ingredients like Jojoba Seed Oil, Grapefruit Extract, Shea Butter, Camellia Sinensis Leaf, which help nourish, de-stress and smoothen your hand and feet. 
  4. Hand Creams: A softening hand cream that smoothens and nourishes is a necessity for any well-groomed person. Trell Shop carries a wide range of hand creams by PlumBody Lovin, mCaffeine, MamaEarth, Bodycafe, and Anatomicals. The choices for ingredients vary from Chocolate, Tropical Fruits, Hawaiian Rumba, Coffee, Vitamin C infused creams, and Rose. These products are not just moisturizing but also act as a sanitizing agent. Keep your hands soft and supple with this range of hand creams offered by Trell Shop. 
  5. Hand Sanitisers: These are essential in the ongoing pandemic. Trell Shop provides sanitizers from low-end to high-end. Nutriorg, MyGlamm, 23Yards, Stanrelief provide hand sanitizers at Trell Shop. This helps kill germs on your hands and ensures that you remain healthy. 
  6. Hand Washes: Hand Washes provide a personalized touch to an otherwise boring routine. At Trell Shop, Beardo provides hand washes for men, while PlumBody Lovin, Anatomicals, 23yards, and St.Botanica cater to the needs of women. They provide an array of scents such as Japanese Cherry Blossom, Green Tea Cucumber, Mandarin and Cypress, Lavender, Watermelon and Cucumber, Tropical Fruits, and Hawaiian Rumba. Treat yourself to these intensely cleansing yet gentle washes at Trell Shop.


Hand and foot care are common to both men and women. Trell Shop ensures that men and women both can find something that helps them by adjusting our filters. Brands like Beardo appeal to men, whereas others are preferred by women. Regardless, as an important part of a grooming routine, hand and foot care can be availed by both men and women. 

Why Do We Need Hand and Foot Care?

Our Hands and Feet, being constantly in touch with the outside world, are prone to pollutants and injuries. A good Hand and Foot Care regimen helps keep your body healthy and detoxifies your body. Sanitizers and Hand Washes help keep out contaminants and germs from entering our bodies. While not everyone can avail of massages and spa treatments, these products act as a spa at home and provide a nourishing experience. The ingredients in the products are meant especially to meet your needs of de-stressing and moisturizing. Hence, a good hand and foot care routine is necessary.    

Why Trell Shop?

Trell Shop offers an extensive range of Hand and Foot Care products, and you can find exactly what you want by toggling our filters and adjusting them according to your preferences. We believe that the customer is king, and hence, we offer various payment methods to ensure your convenience, including cash on delivery. Our products are effective, nourishing, and cruelty-free.

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