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Shower gels: All you need to know

As the world moves towards a luxury lifestyle, people are adopting the latest things available in the market to pamper themselves. Body wash and shower gels are products that make you feel like indulging in a luxurious bath. People can use the best shower gel available in the market. Bathing is an essential part of our daily lifestyle to keep the body hygienic. There are several bathing products in the form of soap bars and liquid cleansers, such as body wash and shower gel. Liquid cleansers are more hygienic than soap bars, because soaps come in contact with many people, while liquid cleanser is pure till dispensed from the bottles.


Imagine that you just reached home after an exciting football match, drenched in dirt and mud. The first thing you will do is take a shower. If you use the bar soap to take a bath, many bacteria will accumulate on the bar that will transmit to others who will use that soap bar. In such a situation, using shower gel or body wash proves to be the best and most hygienic option.


Liquid bathing cleansers are of two types, i.e., body wash and shower gel. The shower gel is a liquid cleanser that has a firm and gel-like consistency with fragrance in high concentration. The shower gel is usually milder on the skin and is more moisturizing and hydrating, which is best for the skin during colder weather. The body wash is similar to the shower gel, the only difference being that the body wash has a more liquid consistency. The body wash is best for dry skin.


Pampering and self-care are essential since they boost the mood and make one feel happy. Taking a shower with a shower gel or a body wash gives such self-care and pampering feeling that it takes all the mental and physical fatigue out of the body, making one feel refreshed and energized.


There are different body wash for men and women according to their skin types and requirements. Gone are the days when self-pamper and self-care were restricted to women only. Both men and women can experience a luxurious shower with the range of the best shower gel and body wash available in the market.


Earlier, body wash and shower gel were expensive, and not everyone was able to afford them. But there is a lot of variety available in the market now. Moreover, they are now more affordable. Almost all cosmetic brands manufacture body wash and shower gels, including Nivea, Plum, Biotique, Khadi Veda, Khadi Essentials, and many more.


Trell Shop offers almost every brand of shower gel and body wash. You can find the most commonly used Nivea body wash and body shop shower gel on Trell Shop, along with other natural and ayurvedic brands. It has some of the best shower gel for men and women. You can find the one best suited to your skin type, fragrance, budget, etc. All you need to do is browse through our site and get the one that you find best for you.


The best shower gels for a luxurious shower experience

Body wash and shower gel products have witnessed a tremendous spike in demand over the past couple of years. For quite a long time, people have been using natural ingredients for cleaning their bodies. But now, as time changes, the demand of the people is also changing. These products work as a soap to remove odor and dirt from the body while gently moisturizing the skin. The best body wash has elements that can cater to the different needs of people, including those who suffer from different skin problems. You can get the best shower gel for men and women to get rid of skin issues.

The body wash is available in liquid form and contains a pH between 6 and 7. Surfactants constitute essential ingredients of body wash, containing lipophilic and hydrophilic elements. The mixture of both ingredients helps in removing dirt and impurity from the body. The primary and secondary types of surfactants are mainly used in the body wash, making around 28% of the product. The purpose of primary surfactant is to clean the skin. These are responsible for forming foam. The secondary surfactants are responsible for reducing skin irritation and discomfort. In addition to the surfactants, body washes also contain preservatives and emulsifiers that prevent different ingredients of body wash from getting separated. Apart from these, other ingredients are added for the fragrance and color of the body wash.

There is a huge variety of shower gel and body wash for women and men in the market offered by well-trusted brands. These are available at pocket-friendly rates. If you do not want to use the body wash with chemicals, then no worries. Body wash and shower gel are manufactured by many brands, using ayurvedic and natural ingredients too. At Trell Shop, you can get the best shower gel and body wash at reasonable price ranges. You can try these brands, such as Plum, Biotique, Khadi Veda, Khadi Essentials, in addition to the most commonly used Nivea body wash and body shop shower gel. Browse Trell Shop to get the best shower gel and best body wash for your body type.


Types of body wash

Gone are the days when people used to apply only soap to take a bath. There are different body cleansers for different body parts, such as face wash, body wash, etc. Here, let us talk about different types of liquid body cleansers you can get from the market and use for different purposes according to your skin.

1. Shower Gel: Shower gel is one of the products people use while taking a bath. These gels are gentle on almost all types of skins. These liquid gels come with different fragrances. They contain a conditioning agent, which keeps the skin hydrated and refreshed for longer. Not all shower gels are costly, as their price varies according to the brands. Some are available at pocket-friendly rates, while others can burn a significant hole.


2. Shower Creams: These body washes are creamy and have a thicker consistency than the usual shower gels. These need to be used properly, as they might leave a residue on the skin. When used properly, they can nourish and hydrate your skin. Shower creams are skin-friendly and are best suited for sensitive skin. It removes the skin dryness completely when used regularly.


3. Foam Washes: The foam-based body wash comes in foam and does not need much rubbing to produce lather. They have frothy consistency and bubble up easily. They provide the experience of a luxurious bath and can clean the body thoroughly. They have different fragrance options to choose from and can be safely used on sensitive skin. The only problem with foam washes is that they have a thinner consistency, so they need to be used in more quantity.


4. Body Scrubs: Body scrub is another type of body wash, which is exfoliating in nature. It is helpful to get rid of the dead cells and makes the skin feel bright and refreshed. Body scrubs have a creamy consistency and contain tiny granules consisting of different ingredients, sizes, and scents to produce the scrubbing effect. They are usually more expensive than other body washes and should not be used more than once or twice a week.


Best body wash and shower gel brands

Many brands sell body wash and shower gel. The most commonly used and trusted body wash is the Nivea body wash. Apart from that, there are many other brands, such as USTRAA, Phy, Urban Veda, Khadi Veda, Khadi Essentials, Fizzy Fern, LetsShave, Plum, The Man Company, and many more. You will get all these brands and much more at Trell Shop. The shower gel price of these brands ranges from INR 200 to INR 1800.



Body washes are usually skin-friendly, but sometimes they might not suit everyone's skin type. Some people might be allergic to a few chemicals present in the body wash. At times, the overuse of body wash may also cause the removal of excess essential oil from the skin, leading to dryness.

A few concerns include:

  • Dryness
  • Allergy
  • Itchiness
  • Irritation

Gender: There was a time when only women used to use beauty products and pamper themselves. But now the time has changed. Now, men are also using beauty products, as they also want to look presentable and attractive. Many companies manufacture beauty products for men and women individually. Also, many couples use unisex products to care for their body. Today, you can get a wide variety of choices for body wash for women as well as for men in the market.


Why do you need a body wash?

Body wash is the new bathing product used more than soap bars. We need body wash to remove the dirt, odor, sweat, and excess oil from the skin. They make one feel refreshed. Body wash offers a hygienic way of bathing and adds a luxury and spa-like experience to the bath. The body wash is more skin-friendly.


Reasons to buy the best shower gel only from Trell Shop

There are thousands of shower gel brands available on Trell Shop. These products are authentic and genuine. Trell sells shower gels and many other products, including wellness, beauty, fashion, health, and body products for both men and women. These products are well-trusted and original, as many customers have given their reviews on the website. Trell delivers all the products to your home safely. The customers can make their payment using different methods, such as net banking, debit card, credit card, and more, and it is safe to make the payment online on the website.


FAQs about shower gels

1. Are all the shower gels skin-friendly?

Yes, the shower gels are skin-friendly. They have a skin-friendly pH. They help get rid of skin dryness when used regularly.

2. Which shower gel for men is the best?

The best shower gel for men is the one designed specifically for men's usage. As the male skin is different from female skin, they need to choose one that suits their skin. There are different types of shower gels available in the market, and the ingredients can vary from light and refreshing lemon fragrance to strong, relaxing, or calming ones. It is best to choose one that suits your skin type and your taste.

3. How are body wash and shower gel different?

Both shower gel and body wash are a liquid form of bathing cleansers. The main difference is their consistency, as shower gel is thicker while the body wash has a consistency like liquid soap. Also, the shower gel has more concentration of the scent. They both are mainly used for cleaning, but shower gel gives a more luxurious bathing experience.

4. What is a shower gel used for?

People use the shower gel to remove dirt, impurity, and odor from the skin. These provide an alternative to the traditional bar soaps, which are harsh on the skin. Shower gels have many different valuable ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. They form lather with fragrant foam that adds luxury to the shower routine.

5. Which top brand shower gel should I use for my skin?

The Body Shop shower gel is one of the best shower gel available in the market. Apart from that, there are many other brands too that you can try according to your budget. Still, it is recommended for you to choose the one as per your skin type, preferred fragrance, and convenience.

6. Why should I purchase a shower gel online?

There are many options available online to choose the best product for you. You can take as much time as you want to buy it. Also, you can compare the products from different brands and pick one that suits your requirements. If you buy the shower gel from Trell Shop, you will get several offers on various brands at pocket-friendly rates.

7. Which online platform provides the most trusted brand of shower gel?

There are several online platforms where you can buy shower gels. Trell Shop is one of the most trusted online platforms where you'll get all the known and trusted brands of shower gels. All the products they sell are 100% authentic.

8. What is the price range of shower gels and body wash at Trell Shop?

You can choose the best shower gel at Trell Shop, ranging from INR 200 to INR 1800. These rates vary as per the brand and quality of the product. Trell Shop also promotes several attractive offers on different products.

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